Elephant Print Tulle Dress

SKU: 0220200691

  • Fast shipping and 30 day satisfaction
  • Lining: 100% combed cotton, ultra breathable 
  • Tulle: 100% Recycled Polyester
  • Button Back
  • Easy to clean: Machine wash and dry in Merry BooBoo gifted laundry bag
  • planet-friendly packaging
Featuring vivid elephant prints and 100% combed cotton lining, this outfit is perfect for both hot summer daily wear and special occasions! You're going to find our Elephant Print Tulle Dress lovely and adorable! 


    12-24M 29.5" - 33.5" 16.5lb - 27.6lb
    2-3T 33.5" - 37.4" 22lb - 33.1lb
    3-4T 37.4" - 41.3" 27.6lb - 38.6lb
    4-5T 41.3" - 45.3" 33.1lb - 44.1lb
    5-6T 45.3" - 49.2" 38.6lb - 49.6lb
    6-7T 49.2" - 53.1" 44.1lb - 55.1lb
    7-8T 53.1" - 57.1" 49.6lb - 60.6lb

    Need more help on sizing? Drop us a line at booboo@merrybooboo.com.  

    We’d like our designs to be super easy to take care of. For every order at Merry BooBoo, we will send you a laundry wash bag as a gift. Simply place items in the laundry bag before placing them in the washing machine to avoid stretched straps or single sock syndrome. And of course, you can use it to extend all your garment life!

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